Glen Scotia Double Cask
Glen Scotia Double Cask
August 28, 2023
The Latitude 55° Blended Scotch bottle label
The Latitude 55° Blended Scotch Review
June 18, 2024
Glen Scotia Double Cask
Glen Scotia Double Cask
August 28, 2023
The Latitude 55° Blended Scotch bottle label
The Latitude 55° Blended Scotch Review
June 18, 2024

Investing Beyond the Bottle: The Lucrative & Exciting World of Bourbon Barrels

CaskX distillery tours for investors

Investing in whiskey has, historically, offered higher returns and less volatility when compared to traditional financial markets. The rapid growth in demand for whiskey in the United States and abroad has created an environment in which distilleries have been unable to produce a sufficient quantity of casks, driving prices increasingly higher.

CaskX offers the opportunity for investors to fill this void by providing financial support to fund production increases through the acquisition of casks. This benefits the industry by allowing increased production and also benefits investors by delivering returns that have outpaced other investment categories over the past 10 years.

The CaskX platform provides unparalleled transparency to investors by acquiring casks directly from distilleries, storing those assets at those same distilleries and engaging an external third party to conduct physical stock inspections. Investors are provided with an online management portal to monitor their whiskey cask portfolio, download documentation and even initiate a sale when the time is right.

Experience Your Investments: See and Taste the Rewards

Imagine this. You get a behind the scenes experience of your investments. You get to feel the whole end-to-end pipeline of the product. Best of all, you get to actually taste it in good company.

CaskX offers its clients exclusive barrel purchasing opportunities. Their customers receive an invitation to visit Kentucky or Tennessee, depending on the location of their barrels.

Director of Whiskey for CaskX, Sara Havens, Leads Dynamic Distillery Tour

Sara has been a bourbon enthusiast and educator long before the bourbon boom began. As a Louisville, Ky.-based writer for more than 23 years, her work has appeared in various national and regional publications. She currently writes for Bourbon+ Magazine, The Bourbon Review, Alcohol Professor, and Food & Dining Magazine. In 2020, Havens was one of 10 finalists in the World’s Top Whiskey Taster competition held by Bardstown Bourbon Co., beating out more than 400 contenders to represent the Kentucky region.

She maintains her own website,, covering the bourbon industry and local nightlife scene in Louisville. She started with CaskX in 2021 as Director of Whiskey, and when she’s not scouting top-notch distilleries for the company to partner with, she entertains VIP clients on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

Collage of happy whiskey and bourbon investors
Distillery guests getting to know the process of whiskey distilling

Into the Heart of Bourbon Country: A Day with Kentucky Distilleries

For those with barrels in Kentucky, the experience begins with a two night stay at a high-end hotel, typically the Omni, situated in downtown Louisville. Nearby the hotel, guests are presented with a range of choices to customize their exploration experience.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour

  • The main day of travel involves a journey along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Starting at Kentucky Artisan Distillery, known for producing Jefferson’s Bourbon. The tour includes behind-the-scenes insights, interaction with the production process and tastings of various products.
  • Next clients head to Bardstown, Kentucky. The Bourbon capital of the world. Lunch is at Bardstown Bourbon Company, a larger distillery compared to Kentucky Artisan, showcasing the diversity in distillery scales. Bardstown offers VIP Experience for their guests, including a tour of the entire operation. Allowing investors to witness firsthand the production of their purchased barrels.
  • Clients enjoy a range of tour experiences, from regular behind-the-scenes tours to exclusive tastings like the “honey barrel experience,” where they sample whiskey directly from the barrels inside a rickhouse.
  • There are ten distilleries within 20 minutes of Bardstown Bourbon Company so you can easily end up visiting distilleries such as Heaven Hill, Willett or Jim Beam, for example.

Personal Connection to Investment

The tours emphasize the physicality of the investment, allowing clients to see, touch and taste the whiskey being produced. This hands-on experience provides peace of mind and a deeper connection to their investment.

Bourbon and whiskey investors exploring mash
Guests getting to know more about whiskey mash making process

Unlock the Secrets of Tennessee’s Distillery Scene

Similar to the Kentucky tour, the Tennessee experience offers a unique whiskey adventure with visits to different distilleries. Clients get to stay in central location Nashville stay at the Dream Hotel in downtown, conveniently located in Printer’s Alley and Honky Tonk Row, providing numerous entertainment options.

Vibrant distillery scene and nightlife of Nashville

  • The tour kicks off with up-and-coming Old Glory Distillery in Clarksville. Owner Matt Cunningham personally leads the tour, allowing guests to taste bourbon directly from a barrel in the warehouse. On-site restaurant enhances the experience.
  • Tour includes Corsair Distillery, a unique farm distillery located in a silo. The setting provides an exclusive view of their experimental bourbon, rye whiskey and even single malt making journey. Including a gift shop visit and lunch in the Marathon Village.
  • Nashville Craft Distillery introduces smaller operation insights run by Bruce Boeko, a former forensic scientist. Clients appreciate the in-depth exploration of the science behind distillation, making it a distinctive and educational experience.
  • After the distillery visits, clients have the evening to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Nashville, offering a perfect balance between educational tours and the lively atmosphere of the city.
Distillery visitors tasting Bardstown whiskey straight from the cask
Whiskey straight from the barrel – trust me, can’t get any better than this!

Interested to start investing in whiskey?

Interested to invest but don’t know what to do about it? Let the experts at CaskX help diversify your portfolio and optimize your investment strategy.

CaskX clients enjoy their time exploring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.⁠
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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