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March 21, 2016
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Whisky in movies: Kiltyrie 12yo in Filth the movie

Whisky in movies, fantasy whisky called Kiltyrie 12yo

Whisky in movies is not uncommon. If you are a whisky or a bourbon enthusiast, you’ve probably recognized Blanton’s Original in the opening scene of Gone Girl or Suntory Hibiki 17 year old single malt in Lost in Translation. And nobody, not even a non whisky drinker could have missed the heavy Macallan marketing in the recent Bond movies.

But there are also some not so recognizable whiskies showing up on the silver screen. Kiltyrie 12 year old whisky in Filth the movie, for instance. The scene by the way, is emphasizing the main character and his skills as one of the biggest bastards on silver screen ever. One of the best ways I’ve ever seen a director underlining anything. Or in this case, the book author Irvine Welsh is doing the underlining. Filth the movie is based on his book. By the way, I’ve used the movie as a reference in one of my reviews.

 Kiltyrie 12 year old single malt and McRobert blended whisky appeared in movie Filth

Photo of the fantasy whisky scene from movie Filth

In the scene, corrupt, junkie cop Bruce Robertson (played by James McAvoy) pours his guest a blended Scotch whisky claiming that it’s 49 years old single malt. All this while pouring himself a drink of 12YO single malt called Kiltyrie. The blended whisky was called McRobert. Both of the whiskies are made up, at least in my knowledge. I haven’t found any record on either one of them so I guess we are talking about movie magic, when talking about Kiltyrie or McRobert whiskies.

Here’s the scene from Filth, never mind the bad editing by me and some Finnish subtitles:

Suntory Hibiki 17YO and Bill Murray in Lost in Translation:

50 year old Macallan wasted in 007 Skyfall:

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