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Arran 10 year old review

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Arran 10YO review | The Arran 10 year old single malt
Arran distillery was founded in 1995 and is the only distillery on the Isle of Arran, located in Lochranza. The distillery was was founded by former director of Chivas, Harold Currie.

CLOCKWORK ORANGE kick in the throat

Arran Malt 10 year old hasn’t got oranges in it. I just got the same vibes from it as I did when I saw Clockwork Orange for the first time. Kubrick’s groundbreaking film was violent and disturbing but at the same time, funny and ridiculous. Just like Arran 10 is in my book, contradictory when trying to put it in the ‘fruity whisky’ category.

Why is a whisky as fruity as Arran 10YO so powerful in your throat and not smooth. Perhaps too young for the palate it has? Well, I usually like smoky and earthly stuff so I guess you shouldn’t take my words seriously. And for the record: I don’t want to claim this as a bad dram. On the contrary, it’s very rich and adventurous. I won’t suggest you to buy a bottle but you should get a sample, if possible. Arran 10 yrs is that interesting.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks
Colour: Chardonnay
Nose: Very stingy, green fruits like apples and pears dominate.
Taste: Best part of Arran 10 is the sweet palate with grapes and slightly salty and bitter notes.
Finish: Good length but the aftertaste is not for me. Like a horse kick in your throat, which I usually prefer but not this time as the kick’s got too much stingy fruits in it.
Balance: Adventurous dram, poignant aromas and wild palate. Surely people who like fruity and stingy whiskys will love this one.


Distillery: Arran Region: Isle of Arran ABV: 46% Non chill-filtered, no added colouring
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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