Floral notes pretty much come from the distillate. Whisky casks don't offer floral notes too much, Muscat wine casks are probably the only ones offering them. Barley and the way that distilling is done, are the main factors for floral influence. For example, Glenmorangie distillery has a signatory floral and fruity character, which comes from the tallest stills known in Scotland. This means that only the lightest and purist spirit vapours reach the top of the stills. How people spot different floral notes is always a personal experience. You can learn how to get the best out of each dram by reading this article.

Floral whiskies can offer notes like:

  • Freshly cut grass
  • Fresh hay or meadows
  • Perfume
  • Juniper (not juniper berries)
  • Earthly feel can come from peat but is sometimes a result of floral notes – forest aromas like pine, heather or juniper are quite typical
  • Blossoming flowers like jasmine for example
  • Different herbal notes like green tea for example – herbs can be spicy notes as well

Floral drams are usually delicate

Floral whisky is usually fragrant and delicate. Floral notes can be many different things like flowers blossoming or freshly cut grass or feel of summery fresh meadow.

Few very floral whiskies:

I've listed few typical categories with floral whiskies below:


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