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May 7, 2020
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May 12, 2020

Best whiskey gift ideas for dram lovers

Best gift ideas for whiskey lovers

Are you in need for good gift ideas for your spouse, friend or relatives? Whiskey or spirits related items might be just what your looking for. At least I can think of five to six things straight away I’d like to get as a gift because I’m a whiskey lover. Check out my best tips:

Whiskey glassware – glasses or a decanter

This is probably a no-brainer since you can never have too many drinking glasses for your favorite drink. Whiskey glasses are probably the most easiest gift you’ll ever find. Then again, choosing the right kind of glasses can be a head aching task if you don’t know how the gift receiver drinks his/hers whiskey.

I’ve written a guide for choosing the right set of glassware. Read my complete guide of choosing whiskey glasses.

Whiskey decanter is another option. Enthusiasts might want to store their whiskies in their original bottles, though. Since decanting whiskey is not that common with people who know a thing or two about “the water of life”. But a nice set of decanter can be a stylish addition to a whiskey lovers interior design. Check out my thoughts about whiskey decanters.

Home Wet Bar offers great selection of cool gift ideas

Home Wet Bar probably has the most versatile selection of cool whiskey gift ideas. They offer lots of different accessories to your home bar. Starting from multiple cocktail glasses all the way to bar tools or personalized gifts.

You can get engraved whiskey glasses and decanters and various cool products for anniversary or wedding gifts. Check out Home Wet Bar’s selection from the banner below:

Sale And Clearance Gifts You Don't To Miss!

Flaviar gift card

Flaviar is a comprehensive service for whiskey enthusiasts. They send out personalized samples and complimentary bottles to their customers. With Flaviar you can get access to rare and original spirits. Customers can also get invites to great events and get educated & entertained with booze-themed content. Check out their offering from the banner link below:

Gift idea for whiskey lovers and enthusiasts

Personalized whiskey bottles

The Whisky Exchange offers a great way to personalize a whisky bottle you order from their selection. Click the banner below and find out more about their service:

Cabinet for whisky

I know, whiskey cabinet is not the most cost-efficient way when buying gifts to your friends or family. But it’s a great way to share love to your spouse, for example. I’ve even heard people build whisky cabinet for their loved one. Of course you need a little carpenter’s know-how for that task. But getting a custom made or a handy and stylish cabinet for storing whiskey is a fine way to showcase your love. Storing whiskey is a serious thing if you’re an enthusiast.

Distillery tour

This might get expensive if you don’t find a whiskey distillery nearby. But speaking from experience, a distillery tour is always fascinating when you’re an enthusiast. I’ve only been on one myself, in Finland at a local distillery since I’m a Finn. You can start by searching for distilleries near you, Google maps is quite handy for that.

Whiskey literature

Reading a good book or two about “water of life” is always entertaining. When you’re a whiskey lover. That’s why books about whiskey are a great gift idea. I know, this is probably a dull idea. Something you’ve thought about already. And not something you were looking for when coming across with my article. But whiskey books are never a bad investment when buying a gift for whiskey lover. Believe me, I know!

Whiskey aging kits or other related accessories

Man Crates offers aging kits for making your own whiskey. You can also find other drinking related items from their selection. Stuff like cool accessories or crafting your own drinks. Check out their selection.

Whiskey aging kit for making own whisky

Man Crates offers whiskey aging kits and other spirits related items

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Johannes Lindblom
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