WhiskyRant! is a blog written by a Finnish whisky enthusiast, who loves a good dram and likes to watch movies. That’s why you will mostly see whisky reviews with some kind of references towards films. Once in while a try to offer some industry news but usually my blog posts are reviews about whisk(e)y or bourbon, occasionally about beer if I happen to bump into a good one.

Mainly this website is a blog in the form of reviews. I’ve categorized all of my reviews for you to enjoy. Please crawl through my archives and feel free to share them or comment!

From here you can find all my posts categorized in regions.

Favorite distilleries

I am a peat fanatic but my love for whisky isn’t limited to only peated ones. And even though I’ve managed to develop some sort of guidelines in finding good uisge beatha aka “water of life”, I still like to give every dram a chance. Here are some of my favorite distilleries:

Remember! There are lots of good ones out there, whether it’s a single malt, rye, blended, single grain or vatted malt (or some other). It doesn’t matter, every whisky category offers good and bad examples. What matters most – find the ones you like!

Even though I run into bad whisky once in a while, I still kinda like it. In the words of Peer Günt, a legendary hard rock band from Finland:

“Bad whiskey is better than wine!”

At least in my book.

I am in no way associated with any distillery or any part of the industry. Just a happy consumer trying to give as objective reviews as I can.

Whisky tasting notes

Everybody has a taste of their own. That’s why even the most respected enthusiasts or industry professionals might not always share the same taste with you. I am in no means a professional or even an experienced whisky enthusiast. With approximately 200 whisky tasting notes, keep in mind, that all of the reviews are my own and might drastically differ from your notes and experiences. That’s why for comparison, it is important to find many reviews of the same product. Whisky Connosr for example, is a good place for that. And when you find a whisky reviewer, who shares the same kind of taste as you, keep revisiting to his/her reviews. For me, Ralfy is one those reviewers, who I agree with most of the time.

Whisky tips and information – insights from an enthusiast

I also try to provide information regarding whisky in every way I can. If I get some crazy idea about whisky, I’ll share it with you. Like the time I decided to start blending whiskies myself. I have also written about the usage of ice and water with whisky. One of my favorite inventions are whiskey stones, more information about those can be found here. And what would a whisky blog be without a proper article about whisky glasses. I had to write about choosing the right whisky glass too.

Whisky related posts

Whisky reviews come in all shapes and colors. I’ve tried to maintain some lightness when reviewing whisky, even though it sometimes is hard. I do take whisky seriously, yet it’s fun to have fun occasionally. I try to give as much info as I can, about my experiences with whisky glasses or whisky drinking stones for example. And most importantly, my own experiences with different kind of whiskies. Keep in mind that these are personal opinions which might be different than yours.

Artikkeleita suomeksi

Juomalasit viskille | Juomalasit konjakille | Juomalasit oluelle | Juomalasit drinkeille | Lisätietoa karahveista ja dekantereista


  1. Hi Johannes, how best to get in touch with you to review a few distinctive craft whiskies? Thanks in advance!

    • Johannes Lindblom says:

      Hi Alicia, Thank you for contacting me! I’ll contact you via email, let’s exchange contact information that way.

  2. worldofwhisky says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I found your blog post very informative and well-written. World Of Whisky appreciates your perspective and I learned a lot from reading your post. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

  3. Thomas says:

    Hey, experiment with adding a few drops of water to cask-strength whiskeys to release hidden flavors, but don’t overdo it:)) Did you try?

    • Johannes Lindblom says:

      Hi Thomas, I surely have. Adding water is always a great way of finding new layers from whiskies. Also, it’s nice to try cask strength drams without water, if your palate is ready for that kind of intensity.

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