Best gift ideas for whiskey lovers
Best whiskey gift ideas for dram lovers
May 12, 2020
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May 13, 2020

Dark chocolate with single malt liquid center

Whisky filled dark chocolate

My spouse gave these as a Christmas gift. A delightful surprise I must say. By the way, if you’re looking for gift ideas for whisky lovers, please read my article about the subject from the link in question.

So, back to my original post about dark chocolate filled with famous single malt whisky. This was a nice gift, something I hadn’t received before. Although I had tasted whisky chocolate before. Back then they were milk chocolate and dark chocolate filled with fudge made using Laphroaig 10 year old single malt.

These dark chocolates with genuine single malt Scotch whiskies used for their liquid centers were made by Anthon Berg. They go by the name of Single Malts Scotch Selection. I’ve gathered more information about them on this article.

Single malt whisky inside dark chocolate

Whisky used for filling:

Nutrition facts:
Energy: 1923 kJ/460 kcal
Fat: 23 g (of which saturates: 15 g)
Carbohydrate: 56 g (of which sugars: 50 g)
Protein: 2,6 g
Salt: < 0,01 g

Taste of Islay and Isle of Skye is evident!

Cover: The cover tastes like ordinary dark chocolate. Tastes pleasant, quite sweet. Sweeter than dark chocolate usually is.
Inside: Most of these taste quite nice. I have to admit that Singleton didn’t feel good but Talisker and Lagavulin for example, showcased some of that coastal character they have. So those two were actually surprisingly good and characteristic. I could really spot the single malt distilleries in question.

For more whisky delicacies, check out my article about whisky fudge.

Dark chocolate with single malt whisky liquid centers Manufacturer: Anthon Berg

Single Malts Scotch Collection by Anthon Berg

Lagavulin and Talisker whisky used in dark chocolate

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