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Kilbeggan Small Batch Irish Rye Whiskey Review

Kilbeggan Small Batch Irish Rye Whiskey

Kilbeggan Small Batch Irish Rye Whiskey is a limited edition whiskey from Kilbeggan distillery, based in County Westmeath, Ireland. It was first launched in 2018. This happens to be their first release completely produced on-site.

Made from a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley and approximately 30% of rye. So the base is mostly Single Pot Still whiskey, yet it won’t qualify as one because Single Pot Still whiskies can’t have more than 5% of any other grain than barley. That’s how the Irish made rye whiskey in the 1800s, apparently.

That’s why they’re calling this one a rye whiskey, even though below 50% rye base. That’s what made me worry a little bit. But my thirst for exploring my favorite category as much as I can, made my buy it.

I must say, the price was quite attractive as well, I paid below 30€ for 0,7 liter bottle.

Kilbeggan Small Batch Irish Rye Whiskey

Refreshing and mellow rye

Irish whiskies are usually very easy to approach. Rye whiskies usually aren’t. This is like smooth hybrid of both of those worlds. I’d even say that this is more on the easy side.

Easily the smoothest rye whiskey I’ve ever tasted. And I say it in a positive way. Somehow Kilbeggan has managed to get the Irish smoothness, yet not compromising with the rye taste. The rye notes are there, even though they’re mild.

70% barley, 30% rye
ABV: 43%
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very fruity! Peachy sweet with hints of red apples. Sugary bread and mild notes of sweet, warming spices (very mild). Rye notes seem to be missing, maybe hints of rye if you really try to dig for it. There’s definitely barley influence, and lots of sugars.
Taste: Light rye notes are there but damn this dram screams tropical fruits! Most pleasant rye I’ve ever tasted, Helsinki Distilling Company ryes coming close second. Oxidation bring lots of dry oak while fruity notes fade away. This new side introduces some peppers and vanilla, smoothly mixed with light rye notes.
Finish: Pleasant yet fast. Light with notes of watermelon, mild spices and dry oak. Oak dominates the rapid aftertaste.
Balance: Easy to drink, sweet and smooth whiskey with a rye twist. Bought it with 27 euros, bang for buck dram if you ask me! Palate gives most of its rye notes, aromas and finish don’t.

Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye Scoring

Distillery: Kilbeggan Region: Kilbeggan, County Westmeath, Ireland

Label and top of Kilbeggan Irish Rye Whiskey

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