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Method and Madness Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Method and Madness

Midleton’s Method and Madness is a single pot still whiskey from New Midleton distillery in Cork, Ireland. Single pot still is a traditional Irish way of producing the spirit out of malted and unmalted (green) barley. A category, where Midleton is the best (in my opinion).

This expression is very interesting. Matured in combination of sherry and American bourbon casks – nothing extraordinary there. But finished in French chestnut casks, which is not the puritan way of aging whiskey.

Thank goodness, these Irish are not conservative whiskey producers. They like to experiment. Master Blender Billy Leighton says it like it is:

“When you sit on your laurels, you go nowhere.”

Folks at Midleton state that this whiskey is a combination of what they’ve always done and what they’ve never tried before. That’s a mindset I really like to see in this business, and in any business.

Method and Madness Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Review

Tasting notes

Midleton yet again manages to deliver an amazing whiskey! I’m a big fan of the distillery and this experiment of extraordinary cask finish just made me an even bigger fan.

Method and Madness French Chestnut is definitely a fan favorite if you ask me. I’m beginning to believe that Irish are not capable of producing bad whiskey. I fully agree with this team Midleton statement:

“It’s not often we stray from the traditional oak, but one sip suggests it was well worth the deviation.”  

Matured in:
Ex-Sherry and Ex-Bourbon casks, finished in French Chestnut casks.
ABV: 46%
Colour: Amber
Non-chill filtered
Nose: Leather and grapefruits. Almonds and hints of red licorice. Aromas develop in a nice diverse way, bringing rich scale of notes that differ from each other. Fresh floral notes are also presented, probably the rosemary and mint which Method and Madness marketing material suggests.
Taste: Nicely oily, like velvet coating on your palate. Nuts and dark fruits. Oxidation makes the palate sweeter and darker, bringing notes of sweet fruits and salty licorice.
Finish: Velvet palate turns into dry oak and grapes in the finish. Drops of water brings figs and unripe apples. Oxidation brings smoothing sweetness, though dryness is still there.
Balance: Amazing dram, great experimentation with casks by Midleton! Nicely in balance and rich, pleasant whiskey.

Method and Madness Scoring

Distillery: New Midleton Distillery Region: Cork, Republic of Ireland

Method and Madness whiskey bottle label

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