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Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or – 12 year old review

Not JUST DESSERTS – rich and characteristic whisky

WhiskyRant! review of Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or 12YO single malt

This Glenmorangie was relaunched in 2011 with a Sauternes cask finish. Nectar D’Or might be an indication to the golden nectar, held in the casks to finish the whisky. Rich with fruity and vinous character, I like it.

And I am surprised to say that. Usually this kind of whisky doesn’t suit my palate. Especially Glenmorangie has a history of making too light whiskies for my taste.

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or is a IWSC 2012 Gold Medal Winner. And it wins me to its side as well. Sweet and full body, a great dessert whisky and much more.

Nose: Sweet and dry Sauternes with great and fresh barley feel. Some earthly tones as well with green tea influence. Drops of water makes the sweet wine dominate the nose.

Taste: Nicely dry with peppery and grassy notes. Sweet wine and fructose feel. Water gets the peppers flowing with more power.

Finish: Hints of bitter peaches, like tasting the fur on top of peach peel. Dry oak dominates with spices.

Balance: The influence of the wine is huge. And though I’m not a wine drinker myself, I like it. Good whisky and finally, a character from Glenmorangie!

Colour: Gold
Nose: 22  |  Taste: 22  |  Finish: 22  |  Balance: 22
Overall score: 88
Distillery: Glenmorangie
Region: Highland

ABV: 46%

Here’s a nice tasting video by Jewmalt, going into the depths of the making of Nectar D’or:

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.

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