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BenRiach 17 year old Septendecim review

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WHEN WE WERE KINGS – old time whisky from Speyside

BenRiach 17 year old Septendecim (means seventeen in Latin) is a great addition into BenRiach’s peated range. Finished in Ex-bourbon casks, it is a robust dram, apparently made more like a Speyside whisky from the past.

And what a past Speyside must have had! This is yet again, another peated BenRiach beauty. Vibrant, yet smooth, at one point mellow but then again, a badass. Complex and tough, like Muhammad Ali. When We Were Kings might as well be a motto for Speyside. Well, it still is a ruler region for some whisky folks anyway…

BenRiach 17 year old Septendecim review

For a smoky whisky fan like me, BenRiach is a spark of Speyside, offering new kind of smoke compared to my usual Islay experiences. I really love BenRiach and hope they keep up the good work. And I’m very glad that Septendecim is not a limited release.

Nose: Fresh and crispy, the peat is strong with smoke nicely on the back. Oak and hints of fruity notes.

Taste: Peat and honey dominate with nuts on the side. Feel of green tea mixed with smoke. Very nice and juicy palate.

Finish: Stingy spices and bitter notes with ginger rising from the back of your throat. Very earthly with a floral touch.

Balance: In great balance, beautiful peated whisky. Fresh with bit of the robust side and bit of smoothness. BenRiach manages to deliver yet again!

Colour: Chardonnay
Nose: 23  |  Taste: 23  |  Finish: 22  |  Balance: 22
Overall score: 90 points

Distillery: BenRiach
Region: Speyside
ABV: 46%
Non-chill filtered, no added colour

For Ralfy, BenRiach 17YO Septendecim was worth 91 points:

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