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Auchentoshan Springwood review

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Auchentoshan Springwood was created for travel retail by the “Glasgow’s Malt Whisky” (the nickname comes from the close proximity to Glasgow). Auchentoshan is also known as “the breakfast whisky” – their whisky is triple distilled, which makes it delicate. This Lowland distillery produces smooth and light whiskies. They usually make nice drams for my taste, creating fruity and fresh palates, which aren’t stingy.
Auchentoshan Springwood whisky review
I’m not a fan of whiskies with lots of stingy (some would call it fresh) citrus notes. Sharp aromas or taste aren’t “my cup of tea”. Auchentoshan has managed to make fresh citrus delicate enough, not to be too stingy. A bit pointy, but in the most mellow way. Springwood is no exception.

Like the movie JUNO

Auchentoshan Springwood is a good example of how liking is not always logical. It has a short aftertaste, which is usually a bad thing. But with Springwood’s palate, the short aftertaste fits for me perfectly. Without long (and usually stingy) fruity notes in the finish, this whisky was a good experience.

The fruity fresh notes made it a bit pointy, yet delicate. That’s why Auchentoshan Springwood is like Juno MacGuff, the character played by Ellen Page in the movie Juno.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks
Colour: Sunlight
Nose: Vanilla with lime and a floral touch. Delicate, yet a bit crispy. Good, mellow but fresh start.
Taste: Zesty with green apples and some lime. Oak and hay compliment the smooth palate.
Finish: Very short with nuts and some dry acidness, which gives a nice, delicate kick in the throat. Just enough to make it a whisky experience, but not too much to make it a good one.
Balance: I felt like this was custom made for me. Short in the aftertaste, which seems to make Auchentoshan Springwood well balanced for my taste, not too zesty. Still, I had to drop few points from the score.


Distillery: Auchentoshan Region: Lowland ABV: 40%
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