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Big Peat Christmas Edition 2012 Cask Strength review

Big Peat Xmas Edition 2012

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2012 review

Great sequel – DIE HARD II whisky

I already reviewed the original Big Peat. This is the same stuff but cask strength. Nice sequel for the “Die Hard whisky“, as I referenced Big Peat. Same ingredients but with more power and explosions. Just like Die Hard II, this dram follows the predecessor nicely.

Only exception being the fact, that you have to play with water because it’s cask strength. I somehow always end up ruining the taste with too much water adding. So the taste is pretty much the same as in the original Big Peat, if you manage to get the water mix right. Big Peat really is a great dram for Christmas table.
Big Peat Christmas Edition 2012
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: 25  |  Taste: 23  |  Finish: 22  |  Balance: 24
Overall score: 94
Distilleries: Contains malts from:

Bottled by: Douglas Laing
ABV: 53.6%

Big Peat Christmas Edition

Couple of Big Peat Xmas versions along with Classic Malts gift pack.

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