• Speciality Drinks Ltd was founded by two brothers, Sukhinder and Raj Singh.
  • Besides independent whisky and rum bottling, they are a big online retailer with The Whisky Exchange launched in 1999.
  • They have released whiskies under three labels: The Single Malts of Scotland, Elements of Islay and Port Askaig.
June 24, 2015

Elements of Islay Bn4 review

Elements of Islay Bn4 is the fourth batch from Bunnahabhain distillery, bottled by the independent bottler Speciality Drinks. This dark and sweet character felt like a nice addition into the Elements of Islay series, even though I only had a chance to take few sips of it on our way to Taivaanranta […]
June 9, 2014

Port Askaig 12 year old review

BURN AFTER READING its label and tasting This is a single malt Scotch from a mystery Islay distillery, produced by Speciality Drinks for The Whisky Exchange. In my opinion, Port Askaig is like Coen brothers production, that isn’t critically acclaimed. Islay being like the Coen brothers, producing only good products. […]