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March 25, 2014
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Elements of Islay Lg3 review

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I have to admit, This one got me excited before I had even tasted it. Elements of Islay (by Speciality Drinks) with Lg (Lagavulin) attached to it, is something that gets my hopes high. After all, Lagavulin 16YO is my absolute favorite. Fortunately my hopes were matched. Different from the Lagavulin range though. Lg3 is intense, yet mellow. The intensity is in the rich smoke, peat and spices. The mellow side is in the earthly feel of nature, that Lg3 gives. Took me straight Into the Wild, just like the movie.

Elements of Islay Lg3 review

Like going INTO THE WILD

Lg3 is full of earthly notes. It’s like it was gathered from the nature, that had encountered a forest fire. Lg3 would easily be a dram suitable for drinking outside or in the wild. I would take it with me, when ice fishing or hiking in my hometown seaside in Finland.

Tales of the smoke and peat blog (the article in question is in Finnish but Google can translate it) had an experiment with whisky outside at winter frost. The conclusion was that a strong, preferably smoky dram is best. It doesn’t lose flavors that easily. I’m pretty sure that Lg3 would work well in the wild, especially at winter.

Colour: Chardonnay
Nose: Sharp and stingy, slight smoke and oak. Wood enhances the delicate peat very well.
Taste: Spicy elements with smoke. Heavy dram. Peat is very strong, salt and peppers and some sour notes. Rich stuff but with a straight forward attitude.
Finish: The finish is the best. Strong smoke is heavy and lasts long. The sensationally heavy finish easily tames the frost, when tramping outside.
Balance: Elements of Islay Lg3 is not necessarily the most balanced dram but that doesn’t matter. A straight shooter of smoke and salt with an everlasting impression. Left a big mark among my favorite whiskies.


Distillery: Lagavulin Region: Islay Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd, bottled 2011 Bottle size: 500 ml Non-chill filtered, no added colour ABV: 55.9%

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