Laddie Ten – 3 x Bruichladdich 10YO
Bruichladdich 10 year old – The Laddie Ten review
March 25, 2014
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March 27, 2014

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 review

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Found a nice review of Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 from Dramstats. Here’s a quote from that review, which I totally agree:

“I remember saying that the organic was like the laddie ten on speed. Well this is up another notch!”

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 review
Islay Barley 2006 is Bruichladdich’s speedy version of Laddie Ten. Laddie Ten, by the way, is an excellent dram! Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 isn’t that great but manages to live up near to Laddie Ten’s grandeur.

Like watching SPEED for the first time

This is as fresh as you can get with whisky. Like witnessing the movie Speed for the first time. Giving you something new and innovative, from fresh ingredients. Speed was like that when it first arrived to theaters.

The spirit is only 5 years old, but it’s been matured very well.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks
Colour: Chardonnay
Nose: Tropical fruits, sweet barley with floral touch, like golden fields of barley. Honey and vanilla.
Taste: Pepper and malted barley and sugars. Honey and citrus fruits.
Finish: Peppery and crispy fruity. Not too crispy.
Balance: Fresh in every way.


Distillery: Bruichladdich Region: Islay Non-chill filtered, no added colour ABV: 50%
Whisky from the artisans at Bruichladdich
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Johannes Lindblom
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