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June 16, 2014
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June 17, 2014

Highland Park Vintage 2001 review – distilled 2001, bottled 2012

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Distilled 2001, bottled 2012 – WhiskyRant! review of Highland Park 2001

Highland Park Vintage 2001 was made for travel retail and duty free shops, high proportion matured in first-fill American oak casks to bring up the smokier side of Highland Park. It was my very first encounter with Highland Park. I actually didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t realize, that a low alcohol by level, travel retail dram could be so rich and characteristic.

I have to point out that Highland Park 2001 was part of our local whisky society tasting and there had been several whiskys before it. And still, with 40% ABV, it managed to give me such a rich ride.

Like my first encounter with FARGO

Highland Park 2001 has it all: richness, delicacy and a little bit of the rough side as well. All the important factors, a good dram can have. Given to me while I wasn’t expecting. Like the very first encounter with a film named Fargo.

Fargo and the Coen brothers caught me off-guard positively. Now there’s a movie, that has bits of all the key factors, just like Highland Park 2001 has.

Nose: Honey and floral notes with vanilla and ginger rising delicately from the background.

Taste: Soft vanilla gets overtaken by sweet honey. Salt and nuts make the palate more complex, while fruity notes come to the side. Spices and peat add complexity as well.

Finish: Makes a lasting impression! Warming cinnamon with ginger. Spices with subtle traces of smoke buried in the deep.

Balance: Smooth, yet rough now and then. Complex whisky in good balance. Introducing the signatory, smoky side from Highland Park. I call it deep smoke and it’s brilliant!

Colour: Pale straw
Nose: 23  |  Taste: 23  |  Finish: 22  |  Balance: 22
Overall score: 90

Distillery: Highland Park
Region: Orkney Islands
ABV: 40%

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.

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