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Longmorn 12YO 1994 by Murray McDavid review

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Longmorn 12YO 1994 Murray McDavid review

This is a whisky from the independent bottler Murray McDavid and it is part of their “turquoise series”. I had a chance to try it on our way to Teerenpeli distillery tour in Lahti, Finland. It is Longmorn 12 year old single malt from 1994 and it has been matured in a bourbon but. Finished on a old Tempranillo barrel used for Rioja wine and then bottled by Murray McDavid, which by the way, seems to be a company making intriguing finishes. Their Bowmore 9YO Port finish is another great example.

I must add, I really didn’t have any expectations for this dram but boy was I positively upset after the first sip.

Weird but entertaining whisky trip, like FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

Weird! That was the first word that came to my head with this wine finished Longmorn. Definitely weird in a good way. Nicely in balance and unique palate. Like reading a Hunter S. Thompson book: even though bouncing incoherently, still very exciting and I just can’t stop reading. And I know, bouncing and in balance aren’t the terms, you’d expect in the same review.

I cannot explain it quite good enough, but somehow the weird taste profile and aromas didn’t feel like they belong together, yet they felt like in a perfect balance in the other hand. Like a guitar virtuoso at some point, playing a different song than the other band but you just don’t care ’cause it sounds good. I had found adventurous whisky which was good.

As being adventurous and weird but good, I have to make a reference to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – while on a road trip myself, this was my chance as a whisky drinker to go tripping. Eccentric and great whisky!

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks, finished in Tempranillo barrel used for Rioja wine
Colour: Young Sauternes
Nose: Perfect nose with vanilla sweetness and grape fruits and nuts. The wine influence starts to dominate at some point. Like it is evident in the taste as well.
Taste: As exciting as the aromas! Apples with grapes meet vanilla and amazing licorice notes slowly fading away on the back. Weird and funky combo of goodness that is weirdly enough, very refreshing.
Finish: Licorice still lingers but pretty quickly, strong ginger takes over. Bitter notes and oak are present.
Balance: Weird surely is the keyword here, but weirdly it is in balance. The world definitely needs this kind of whisky. Keep up the good, experimenting work Murray McDavid!


Distillery: Longmorn Region: Speyside Bottler: Murray McDavid ABV: 46%

Murray McDavid Longmorn 1994 12 year old whisky review

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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