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Macallan 10YO Sherry Oak and Sherry Oak Cask Strength reviews
May 16, 2014
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Macallan 18 year old Sherry Oak review
May 20, 2014

Macallan 12 year old Elegancia review

Macallan 12YO Elegancia and 10YO cask strength reviews

First of all, Macallan Elegancia is a interesting addition to the whisky world. Especially for whisky drinkers, who love wine. I’m not one of those but still this dram managed to capture me a bit. The Elegancia, which I tasted, was a part of Macallan tripack: that included 3 x 33,3 cl of the Sherry Oak 10YO and its Cask Strength version and 12YO Elegancia.

SIDEWAYS in the taste

Elegancia did get kinda sideways in my mouth but it did offer complexity and many layers, just like the movie Sideways. Macallan Elegancia 12 yrs is in the verge of a good whisky in my books. Almost an 80 point dram. There’s just something “Macallany” about it. And yes, the heavy wine influence…

Wine is the headliner for this single malt. And for me, wine is usually a turnoff. So in that perspective, Elegancia is pretty good and probably great for many whisky drinkers. Rich body, with Marsala wine influence adding complexity. Like reading the screenplay of Sideways.

Nose: Chocolate and licorice with sweet sherry kind of notes.

Taste: Smooth with malt and nuts and the Marsala wine dominating.

Finish: Sweet with wee bits of wood smoke.

Balance: There’s a recommendation, that Macallan Elegancia is best enjoyed with desserts like French truffle or brownies. That is probably very true. Interesting dram but something missing overall…probably too smooth for me.

Colour: Amber
Nose: 20  |  Taste: 20  |  Finish: 18  |  Balance: 20
Overall score: 78

Distillery: Macallan
Region: Speyside
ABV: 40%

Macallan 12YO Elegancia and 10YO cask strength reviews

Macallan tripack photo from the Whisky Antique selection.

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