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Scapa Skiren The Orcadian Single Malt review

Scapa Skiren Review

This is “The Orcadian Single Malt” called Scapa Skiren, a NAS (non-age stated) whisky from Scapa distillery. Released in 2015, distilled in the only remaining working Lomond Still in Scotch whisky industry.

Scapa Skiren has been aged in refill American oak casks. The one I got to taste was Batch SK11.

Scapa Skiren Batch SK11 Review

The meaning of Skiren is “glittering bright skies” (Old Norse word)

Bright sky but could be even brighter?

This single malt from Scapa is surprisingly good compared to its “statistics”. I was not expecting anything from it, because it’s a NAS with only 40% ABV.

Of course you can hypothesize, how much better Scapa would do with age stated or higher alcohol by volume NAS whisky. Would their range be even better?

But can’t complain too much, Skiren is surprisingly an okay dram.

Matured in:
Re-fill Ex-Bourbon casks
ABV: 40%
Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Ginger with honey and floral notes. Sweet vanilla meets fresh hay and summer meadows. Water adds butterscotch and cereal.
Taste: Round and creamy. Very simple, hard to get anything other than sweet, pleasant honey, vanilla and toffee. Addition of water doesn’t change the palate much. Adds some spices maybe.
Finish: Bit rough and one-sided, young spirit is presented. No character but still, a nice sweet and mellow whisky. Gets spicier with drops of water.
Balance: Aromas are great but the palate needs some more character. Quite easy to drink but bit one-sided.

Scapa Skiren Scoring

Distillery: Scapa Region: Orkney Islands

Scapa Skiren The Orcadian Single Malt Whisky Review - Batch SK11

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.


  1. Frank Barlow says:

    nasty is how I would desribe tis scotch! Tstes like they mixed in Liquid cooking smoke a real gagging aftertaste Bad batch of peat?

    • Johannes Lindblom says:

      Could be a bad batch, inconsistency might be more possible when dealing with younger expressions? Could be just a matter of taste too, though.

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