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May 4, 2023
Smoky Scot Islay Single Malt
Smoky Scot Islay Single Malt
May 19, 2023

Aerstone 10 year old Land Cask

Aerstone 10 year old

Aerstone 10 year old Land Cask, is a single malt whisky by William Grant and it contains Highland malt, even though being produced at Lowland’s Ailsa Bay distillery. While this exquisite whisky didn’t undergo maturation at sea, it absorbed the essence of the maritime environment through its aging process in coastal warehouses on the scenic Ayrshire coast in Scotland.

The brand also has Sea Cask edition in its portfolio. Which is easier to comprehend. Land Cask series were aged in inland warehouses and were distilled using Highland peated malt.
Aerstone 10 year old Land Cask - smoky single malt

Subtle Highland smoke

This one is quite easy to drink. Almost a bang for buck whisky. I have to say almost, because five years ago this wouldn’t be near bang for buck. But with today’s whisky prices it is. I got this as a gift but I know that the price was affordable, somewhere below 40 euros.

For a single malt in this day and age, that’s a bargain. Especially when you enjoy the taste. Malt source is unknown but Ardmore comes to mind first, even though it’s not the only peated Highlander malt whisky available.

Matured in:
Origin of land casks remains a mystery, but my guess is that it’s Ex-Bourbon
ABV: 40%
Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Smoke with sweet notes hits you hard. Quite one sided yet pleasant aromas of coal and citrus fruits.
Taste: Maritime notes with sweet peat. Seaweed and burning smoke, yet surprisingly smooth. Very sweet at first but earthy and peaty notes gradually even things out.
Finish: Medicinal and salty aftertaste with hints of sweet peat notes. Very bitter. Mix of earthy and sweet caramel notes. Hints of salt, iceberg lettuce and sweet creamy fudge.
Balance: Straight forward, yet easy to drink (if you can ever say that about smoky whiskies).

Aerstone 10YO Scoring

Distillery: Ailsa Bay Region: Matured in Lowlands, malted in Highlands

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