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Ardbeg Ardbog review

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Ardbog whisky review – Ardbeg distilleryWell, it’s been two years since the tasting of this one but what the heck, better late than never with the reviews…Ardbog is a limited edition whisky by the Ardbeg distillery, famous for its peated whiskies from Islay. Ardbog was released during Fèis Ìle whisky festival and it was produced for Ardbog Day – celebrated on 1st of June 2013 across the world. This Ardbeg is not as peated as their products usually are. Although, these festival whiskies sometimes are an exception from their core range in peatiness.

Ardbog was matured in a combo of Ex-Bourbon and Manzanilla sherry casks, latter really showing its influence on the palate.

Well, it’s a GROUNDHOG DAY, but a good one

Ardbog…what can I say? I am repeating myself every time I review an Ardbeg whisky. This is yet again another great, unique product from them. It felt like having Groundhog Day in a good way. Groundhog Day is the movie where Bill Murray’s character finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. Please, give me a call, if you ever run into a bad dram from this distillery. Every time a unique and rich product.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon and Manzanilla sherry casks
Colour: Pale straw
Nose: Small amounts of herbal notes and honey maple syrup. Smoke rises intensively from the back. Mild peaty and salty notes as well.
Taste: Little bit of sweetness, yet bitter and earthy notes. Some complexity, nutty and peaty sweet. The sherry feels like sweet and spicy wine.
Finish: Chili and peppers with nice dryness. Wine feel is present again, mixed with sour citrus fruits. Long finish, like Ardbegians tend to have.
Balance: Rich and steady. Nice whisky, not a top showing by Ardbeg, but still good. Feels like they can’t make a bad or even decent stuff. Always above average.


Distillery: Ardbeg Region: Islay ABV: 52.1% Non-chill filtered, no added colour
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