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September 10, 2014
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Cardhu 12 year old review

Cardhu 12 year old review

Cardhu 12 year old single malt is a Speysider matured in American bourbon casks. It has won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2011. According to The Whisky Exchange,

 “Cardhu is the biggest selling single malt whisky in Spain, with its soft, sweet character the perfect match for the warm climate.”

A great reminder, that there’s life outside Islay. Even for a smokehead like me. Nicely smooth and sophisticated, but with a stunning alcohol feel in it.

BLESSED FRUIT in a bottle

Like Blessed Fruit the movie, Cardhu 12YO is a nice mix of sweet and sour. Emphasis definitely on the sweet side. It is like the main character Molly in Blessed Fruits fantasy skits, where she’s imagining what life could be.

Cardhu 12 year old single malt review by WhiskyRant!

Nose: Subtle and sweet. Like a rich fragrance of apples and pears. Nice notes of malted barley.

Taste: Apples and pears still dominate with barley in the back. Soft peat and very small hints of smoke.

Finish: Starts with sweet notes that turn into dryness. Wee smoke in a fast way.

Balance: Smooth and round, well in balance. Easy to drink. Sweetness and dryness meet nicely each other.

Colour: Sunlight
Nose: 23  |  Taste: 22  |  Finish: 19  |  Balance: 21
Overall score: 85

Distillery: Cardhu
Region: Speyside
ABV: 40%

Cardhu 12 year old review

Nice picture of Cardhu 12YO single malt by GQ Magazine

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Johannes Lindblom
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