• Located in Campbeltown region, Glengyle distillery was originally founded in 1872 and closed down in 1925.
  • The distillery had two failed attempts to reopen it in 1940’s and 1950’s.
  • Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd. renovated and rebuilded the Glengyle distillery in late 2000. The owners, J & A Mitchell & Company, also own the Springbank distillery.
  • Whisky produced in the new distillery is not called Glengyle, it being bottled under the name Kilkerran.
July 17, 2019

Kilkerran 12 year old single malt review

This whisky comes from the Campbeltown region in Scotland. It is Kilkerran’s first core release of single malt whisky. While working their way to the 12 year old single malt, Glengyle distillery released Work In Progress expressions for retail each year. You can check out my tasting notes and review […]
November 2, 2015

Kilkerran Work In Progress Sherry Wood 5th release review

This review is about the 5th Release of Kilkerran Work In Progress Sherry Wood, a product from Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown region. They also make Work In Progress Bourbon Wood. This series is a great way of seeing how the whisky is developing. They are working their way towards Kilkerran […]