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Kilkerran 12 year old single malt review

Kilkerran logo by Glengyle Distillery

This whisky comes from the Campbeltown region in Scotland. It is Kilkerran’s first core release of single malt whisky. While working their way to the 12 year old single malt, Glengyle distillery released Work In Progress expressions for retail each year.

You can check out my tasting notes and review of Kilkerran Work In Progress Sherry Wood 5th Release.

Kilkerran 12 year old single malt is lightly peated and non-chill filtered. It has been aged in a combination of 70% ex-bourbon casks and 30% ex-sherry casks.

Glengyle distillery was originally established in 1872 but closed down in 1925. When re-opened in 2004, over 75 years later, the distillery started to call themselves the newest old distillery in Campbeltown.

On the right way

Kilkerran 12 year old is good, a fine expression as you could suspect when tasting their Work In Progress expressions. While WIPs were surely young, they had quality. And that quality has aged well in 12 years.

This first release of age stated whisky from Kilkerran is another good Campbeltown whisky brand. While still not showcasing the Springbank greatness, probably on its way to that quality.

Matured in:
70% Ex-Bourbon and 30% Ex-Sherry casks
ABV: 46%
Non-chill filtered, no added color
Colour: Light gold
Nose: Apricot and sugary toffee. Hints of sweet and smooth sherry notes. Hints of spices along with heavy maritime saltiness develop when you add water and let it rest in the glass. Dried fruits rise up.
Taste: Mix of very smooth vanilla and bit crispy citrus notes. Nicely malty. Drops of water adds bitterness, dried fruits and peppers.
Finish: Bit oily and salty with bittersweet oak and sour lemon. Addition of water brings dryness and peppery notes.
Balance: Crispy yet smooth. Campbeltown malt meets with Speyside smoothness. Nice balanced dram from Glengyle.

Kilkerran 12YO Scoring

Distillery: Glengyle Region: Campbeltown

Kilkerran 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Review

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