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Edradour 2003 Ruby Port Matured review

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I got a chance to taste Batch 2 of the Edradour 2003 Ruby Port Cask Matured single malt from the smallest distillery in Scotland, located in Highland region. I was kinda excited because notes of strawberries had been stated in reviews. And of course, the pessimist that I am, I was feeling doubtful about it. Batch 2 has been distilled in November 2003 and bottled March 2013.

Matured for over 9 years in Ruby Port hogsheads, so strawberries or not, there was going to be at least a fair amount of red fruit or berry sweetness in this palate. This is a limited edition, I read somewhere, that only 2500 bottles were produced.


Amazingly enough, Edradour 2003 Ruby Port Cask really gave me a touch of strawberries! It still isn’t one of my top whiskies, but manages to offer an exotic and unique palate. I was being skeptical about the content. But when I really did spot ’em, there was no other way than make a statement: Strawberry Fields are here – forever.

Big blast of red fruit flavors come first in a pointy way, but if you leave it alone for 30 minutes or longer, it gets nice and smooth.

Matured in:
Ruby Port casks
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Fermented red fruits jam. Raspberry is the main note. Red berries are mixed with red fruits. Not complex.
Taste: Thick body with very small hints of dryness. Spicy with red berries – those are the main ingredients taking over your senses. But yes, small amounts of dried strawberries are in the mix!
Finish: Very exotic and fruity. Feel of sweet wine dominates, with hints of spices and some dryness.
Balance: Non-complex, yet exotic dram and very thick stuff. Not a great one but a rare one. You don’t bump into this kind of palate very often. Give it some time to rest on the glass. Gets lot better with time.


Distillery: Edradour Region: Highland ABV: 46% Non-chill filtered, no added colour
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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