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Herrgårds glogg and Wigren whisky mettwurst

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Christmas and glogg go together! Herrgårds whisky gloggHere are couple of whisky related products for the Christmas holidays.

First, Herrgårds glögg med whisky from Sweden. Glogg is a traditional Nordic drink during Christmas time. It is to be served warm. Glogg, or mulled wine, is kinda like warm and spiced sangria. Herrgårds whisky glogg felt like a sherry (whisky) influenced glogg at first. It was very sweet, too sweet for my taste. Then, it got more mellow and I got used to it. I couldn’t find any information about the whisky used in this Herrgårds, but it tastes very much like a blended whisky. The glogg has 20% ABV level.

Whisky related treats

I usually don’t enjoy specially flavoured gloggs, but this one I liked. So I can only recommend it. You can also do it yourself, easily. With regular glogg and whisky from your cabinet. Enjoy the tip!

Herrgårds whisky glogg and Wigren whisky mettwurst

Another ‘whisky product’: mettwurst from Yrjö Wigren in Tampere, Finland. Very tasty product made out of swine meat. There’s no info on the package about the whisky. I remember a statement in the package one year ago. Then it stated, that the whisky was from Glenfiddich.

Even though the mettwurst (also known as uncooked German sausage) is tasty, I didn’t really detect the influence of the whisky. For me, it pretty much tasted like a regular good mettwurst.

Wigren Glenfiddich Whisky sausage mettwurst

Photo from year ago states that it has Glenfiddich.

Wigren whisky mettwurst

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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