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December 31, 2014
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The Irishman 70 review

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The Irishman brand is fairly new, established in 1999. It started out as a company, which was blending and bottling Irish Coffee. In 2007 they started to bottle Irish whiskey.

This Irishman 70, the Founder’s Reserve is made out of 70% single malt and 30% single pot still, created by founder Bernard Walsh. The blend is unusual because it’s the only Irish blended whiskey to contain 100% whiskey distillates from the copper pot still and 0% grain or column still whiskey.

The Founder’s Reserve is triple distilled and matured in bourbon casks. It has won a Gold Medal at The International Spirits Challenge in London and in The International Spirits Competition in San Francisco. Jim Murray gave it a score of 93 points in his Whisky Bible.

Irishman whisky | Irishman 70 review

The Irishman is sold in 0,5 litre plastic bottles in Finland.

I’d have to be WAKING NED DEVINE for this whisky

This dram truly was a big positive surprise for me. It’s easy to reference this whiskey with the movie Waking Ned Devine, because it almost felt like a lottery win. Definitely a “bang for the buck dram” – not complex but good for the price you’re getting it.

Fortunately I didn’t die like Ned Devine in the movie but I almost went to heaven while tasting The Irishman 70. It’s moments like these that make my day the most when tasting whisky. When you discover a great bargain. So that’s why the big hype compared to a fair score, The Irishman was just so nice compared to my expectations.

Nose: Cinnamon with fruity notes and touch of vanilla.

Taste: Bit spicy with a bourbon feel. Vanilla dominates greatly with hints of oak.

Finish: Toffee and oak hit briefly. Unfortunately the finish is a bit too short.

Balance: Good nose and the whiskey is fairly in balance, Nice dram for the price! Reminded me a bit of Buffalo Trace bourbon.

Colour: Full gold
Nose: 22  |  Taste: 20  |  Finish: 19  |  Balance: 20
Overall score: 81

Brand: The Irishman
Owner: The Irishman Whiskey, Dublin, Ireland
ABV: 40%

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.

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