You’ve probably bumped into the Macallan or Cirrus ice ball maker, or some other replicas of those two. The idea of the machine is to press a chunk of ice into a nicely rounded sphere – which cools your drink fast and dilutes it very slowly. That’s why ice ball machines are perfect for whisky drinkers who like to add ice to their Scotch or other whiskey. Ice ball machine also suits for people who like fancy cocktails, which look and taste really cool.

I recently made an article about the usage of ice with whisky, you can read it from here. The article opens up some of the story behind the Japanese art of ice ball making. In Japan, there are quite many bartenders who can make a perfectly rounded sphere from ice. Especially for Japanese whisky drinks, but suitable for other cocktails as well.

Macallan ice ball maker

The Macallan Ice Ball Maker surely is a luxury item – too bad it also has a very valuable price tag. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get it, but there are cheaper options available in Amazon. Check out the lowest prices from here.

Ice ball maker by Cirrus

Cirrus ice ball maker for pressing perfectly round ice spheres

Cirrus ice ball pressing machine set

Cirrus has an ice ball maker too. They also offer another luxury ice ball press, which is quite valuable. It is also very good at making ice balls. But if you’re on a budget, you can find cheaper replicas from Amazon. I don’t know the quality of those ice ball machines, so if you want to be sure about the ice ball machines quality, I suggest you to buy Cirrus ice ball press.

You can also order a ice ball machine kit from Cirrus. The kit usually includes:

  • Large 2.75” press for making 6 oz. ice balls to last through multiple drinks
  • Or a smaller 2” press for making 2.34 oz. ice balls
  • Actuator which helps lifting out the ice
  • Carrying case with die-cut foam
  • Three cups, a drip tray and tongs for picking the ice ball
  • Sometimes there are offers with copper cigar ashtray or a jigger tool included with the ice ball machine kit

Cirrus ice ball press introduction:

Ice ball making is easy and fun

So the art of ice ball making is no longer a big task for ordinary people. I still advise you to go to Japan and order a genuine Japanese drink with a perfect handmade ice sphere in it. But meanwhile, feel free to order the best ice ball maker from the web. You can check the lowest prices from Amazon: