Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey review
July 1, 2016
Suntory Royal 15 years label
Suntory Whisky Royal 15 year old review
July 3, 2016
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey review
July 1, 2016
Suntory Royal 15 years label
Suntory Whisky Royal 15 year old review
July 3, 2016

Ice ball press gives you a perfect sphere

Complete Cirrus ice ball press kit
Ice ball press | Buy it from Amazon, check out the lowest price

Cirrus ice ball press

If you read my wide article about the usage of ice with whisky, you probably are familiar about the Japanese ice ball making skills. In Japan, great bartenders can easily create a perfectly round ice sphere for your drink, especially for whisky. You can read the article from here. So regarding the article about ice ball making, I found a beautiful gem from the world of whisky sphere making. Nowadays you can get an ice ball press to make your ice perfectly round and big enough to cool the drink properly. With an ice ball press, you can create ice spheres to cool down alcohol with the slowest dilution rate possible. Which is perfect for Scotch and all kinds of whiskey you like to drink with ice. Ice ball press is great for creative cocktails too.

Cirrus ice ball press offers luxury to home kitchen

Cirrus has the best known ice ball press on the market. Cirrus ice ball press is also quite valuable, so if you’re on a budget, you should probably check out the lowest prices for ice ball press machines from here:

Lowest prices at Amazon US

Introduction of the Cirrus ice ball press:

You can order Cirrus ice ball press kit from Amazon as well. The kit usually has:

  • Large 2.75” or the 2” press – the large one makes 6 oz. ice balls which last through multiple drinks, while the smaller press makes 2.34 oz. ice balls
  • Actuator to help lift out the ice
  • Die-cut foam carrying case
  • Three cups, drip tray and tongs
  • Copper cigar ashtray for six cigars or a jigger tool with elegant design and dual-pour spouts

Macallan ice ball press

The Macallan also have ice ball press manufactured under their brand name. Macallan recently showed their version of the magical device turning chunks of ice into perfectly rounded spheres. Their ice ball press is called the Macallan Ice Ball Machine, but it does the same thing as the Cirrus. Both have big price tags but then again, both are luxury items for ordinary peoples kitchens. Offering a great chance for cocktail and whisky aficionados to make their drinks look amazing, and dilute slowly while cooling fast.

Macallan Ice Ball Machine usually has a price tag of 1000$ so it’s probably wiser to stick to Cirrus or some other manufacturer. I’m sure that the Macallan’s version works just as good as Cirrus, but at the end of the day, you’ll get Cirrus a lot cheaper. Or when buying with a small budget, you can get some kind of replica of these two with even lower price tag. Just keep in mind that the quality of the cheaper machines might not be the best.

Introduction of the Macallan ice ball press:

Ice ball making has never been this easy

I don’t know what the Japanese grand masters of ice sphere making think about this ball making machine for ice, but I’m sure that it will help ordinary peoples bartending. A big rounded ice also helps the quality of the drink. Like stated at the beginning of this article, the drink will not dilute fast and what’s best: the drink will cool quicker than with small sized ice. So ice ball press is surely not a useless household weed. There is Japanese wisdom behind the art of ice sphere making.

While the machine might be a valuable luxury item, you can get it with a smaller budget as well. Just make up your mind, do you want the Cirrus or some other precious ice ball machine, or do you want to settle with something cheaper?

Check out the lowest prices from Amazon US:

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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  1. christine says:

    Hello, I appreciated your article on the Cirrus Ice Press. I’m looking for a retirement gift closer to the $300-$500 range. What would be your recommendation?

    • Johannes Lindblom says:

      I would probably go for a set of valuable glasses along with some great whisky, depending on receivers taste. With your budget, you could even get 2-3 great value whiskies. Glencairn offers cut crystal tasting glasses which are slightly stronger than the normal version, with a valuable look and feel. You can read more from this article: https://www.whiskyrant.com/expensive-and-cool-whiskey-glasses/

      For great whisky, I’d try to find out his favorite distilleries and look for a valuable expression(s) to fit his cabinet. I’ve combined my top drams in this article, although most of them are budget whiskies because I tend to look for whiskies below $100 https://www.whiskyrant.com/best-whiskies/

      But nowadays it’s easy to find over $100 bottles from each distillery, best to look for age stated or small batch expressions from his favorite distillers.

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