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Expensive and Cool Whiskey Glasses

Norlan Whisky Tasting Glasses

Before I go on with the list, let me remind that whiskey glass doesn’t have to be expensive. Expensive whiskey glasses are usually cool and that way, worth buying if you’re into whiskey. But tasting the liquid gold of gods out of a pricey glass won’t make it taste better. You can get good whiskey glasses with affordable prices – check out my article about choosing the best kind of whiskey glass for your preferences.

But if you still want to invest in an expensive tasting glass, here’s a list of cool products you should think about. One way to get cool and expensive whiskey glasses is making it personal. And probably the best way to personalize your whiskey glass is to have it engraved. I’ve written another article about engraved whiskey glasses, definitely worth a read.

Now let’s go on with the list of cool looking and most of all, expensive whiskey glasses:

Glencairn Cut Crystal Nosing Glass

Glencairn is a household name in the whiskey industry. It has created one of the most recognizable nosing glasses for whiskey. The original Glencairn glass is not expensive. On the contrary, it’s very cost effective since it’s the go-to glass for most whiskey enthusiasts.

But if you want to step up your whiskey drinking game, yet stick with Glencairn, you can order their Glencairn Cut Crystal version which is a more stylish version of the Glencairn nosing glass.

You can personalize Glencairn glasses at HomeWetBar
Look for Glencairn Cut Crystal glasses from Amazon US
Look for Glencairn Cut Crystal glasses from Amazon UK
Glencairn Cut Crystal whiskey tasting glass

Glencairn Cut Crystal Glass

1920’s Professional Blender’s Glass

The 1920’s Professional Blender’s Glass offers a modern take on old time nosing glass manufactured for whisky professionals. This glass type used to be only for people blending spirits like whiskies together. So a master blender had to get the best equipment for nosing the spirit. After testing this one out, I have to admit that this glass captures aromas so intensively that it brought a tear in my eye. The onion shape really concentrates aromas and you have to dig in carefully.

Produtti has Professional Blender’s Glasses in store

Professional Blender's glass is perfect for nosing spirits

Ashcroft Whiskey Glasses – The Diamond-cut and the Twisted

Ashcroft makes cool looking whiskey glasses. These are ordinary whiskey tumblers so they are not tasting/snifter glasses capturing the aromas best way possible. Yet, these are great when it comes to styling your whiskey cabinet and when you want to serve whiskey stylishly for your guests.

Look for Ashcroft glasses from Amazon US
Look for Ashcroft glasses from Amazon UK
Ashcroft diamond cut and twisted whiskey glass

From the left, Ashcroft diamond-cut and Ashcroft twisted whiskey glasses

Thumbs Up Diamond Glass

Thumbs Up diamond shaped glass is also not a whiskey nosing glass. Although its shape does resemble a snifter glass made for nosing the dram. It’s not a tulip shaped but close enough, made to look like a diamond. That way it sits tilted when you let it rest on the table. Creating a nice illusion of glass falling. Surely a nice conversation starter at cocktail parties.

Look for Thumbs Up Diamond glasses from Amazon US
Look for Thumbs Up Diamond glasses from Amazon UK

Thumbs Up Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glass Set

Norlan whisky glass

Norlan offers a very stylish way to taste and nose your favorite dram. Norlan whisky glass looks cool and is designed for getting the aromas best way possible. So with this unique glass you’ll get both: expensive stylish whiskey glass and a proper nosing glass.

Buy Norlan glasses from Amazon US
Amazon UK doesn’t sell Norlan but you can look for alternatives from here
Norlan Whisky Tasting Glasses

Norlan offers the coolest glasses you can get?

Blade Runner whiskey glass

As a movie freak and a whisky geek, I really love this next item on the list: The Blade Runner glasses. Yes, you read correctly. You can now enjoy your water of life from glasses like in sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

You might remember the character Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) sipping whiskey out of old fashioned, yet stylishly shaped tumbler glass. After all, you shouldn’t settle just for ordinary glasses after a stressful day of chasing replicants. You need some style and design in your life.

This is a chance for Blade Runner fans to get their hands on quality piece of retro-modern glassware. A hand-made crystal glass, mouth-blown to its twisted shape by artisans at boutique Italian company called Arnolfo di Cambio. Just like the original glasses for the movie were made!

Produtti offers similar glasses as Blade Runner
Buy Blade Runner glasses from Amazon US
Buy Blade Runner glasses from Amazon UK

Blade Runner whiskey glass

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