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Isle of Jura 16 year old review

Isle of Jura 16YO
WhiskyRant! review of Isle of Jura 16 yo single malt

Mellow whisky of SUGAR & SPICE

Isle of Jura 16 year old single malt was matured in American White Oak Casks. It got a bronze medal at the 2004 International Wine and Spirits Competition. Like other Djurachs, it is spicy, but it´s much more mellow. Which suits very well for me, because I’m not a fan of spicy food nor whisky.

Nose: Spicy but smooth. Herbs and orange peel. Cinnamon and small hints of vanilla. Water adds more herbal and floral feel.

Taste: Very salty, yet with some sweetness as well. Bitter with oak and dark chocolate. Nutty.

Finish: Smooth, just like the nose, spicy and herbal. Nice warm feeling of gingerbread dough rises.

Balance: Spicy, yet smooth, interesting dram. Suits better for my mouth, than Jura 10 yrs or Superstition, which are more heavy with spices.

Colour: Amber
Nose: 21  |  Taste: 22  |  Finish: 21  |  Balance: 21
Overall score: 85

Distillery: Isle of Jura
Region: Islands
ABV: 40%

Isle of Jura 16 YO single malt whisky review

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Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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