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Dalmore 12 year old review

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HELLO, DOLLY! I’m leaving you Dolly

WhiskyRant! review of Dalmore 12 year old single malt

The Dalmore 12 year old single malt is matured in American white oak and Oloroso sherry casks. For my taste, a contradictory dram. Pure with fruity sweet notes, yet with a bad twist. I detest marzipan and unfortunately Dalmore 12 yrs had it a lot.

This is a very delicate whisky, one of the smoothest drams I’ve ever had. Fine whisky without the big marzipan influence that followed in every step. If it had stopped at the nose, then the score would be better.

Dalmore 12YO is like Barbra Streisand, otherwise a talented and entertaining actress. But with a one flaw – everytime she opens her mouth and starts singing, it thrashes the moment. Just like marzipan thrashed this whisky. So literally, this one’s a “Goodbye Dolly!” for me.

Nose: First, a nice mix of oranges and nuts with hints of dark chocolate. Then comes the powerful marzipan.

Taste: Citrus fruits and sherry with notes of caramel. And then again, unfortunately, the marzipan strikes through.

Finish: So smooth that it’s the silk of whisky endings. Oranges with plums and marzipan. The marzipan aftertaste really got me to a point, I’d had enough.

Balance: I’m repeating myself so much, that it’s annoying me as well, but the strong marzipan in every step made this smooth single malt go under 80 points in overall score.

NOTA BENE! I did notice, that Dalmore 12 yrs starts to lose a lot of its flavors quite quickly after the bottle’s been opened. In 2 or 3 months all the characteristic flavors were gone, even the marzipan.

Colour: Amber
Nose: 19  |  Taste: 19  |  Finish: 18  |  Balance: 19
Overall score: 75

Distillery: Dalmore
Owner: Whyte and MacKay
Region: Highland
ABV: 40%

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.

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