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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – heavily peated whisky review

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is a heavily peated whisky from Bruichladdich distillery who usually are known for unpeated whiskies. If you don’t count Bruichladdich’s über peated range called Octomore. Actually their Port Charlotte range is nowadays so wide, that you can forget the statement “Islay’s non-peated distillery”, which was widely used not so long time ago.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley surely is heavily peated, it has a peat level of 40 ppm. Many vintages are presented in this single malt, I’ve gathered the cask info by Bruichladdich at the end of this article. All the casks have been hand-picked by the Head Distiller Adam Hannett, just like they were picked by Jim McEwan when he was running the place. This dram has been trickle distilled.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley review | Heavily Peated Single Malt Whisky

The Island – in a glass

This has the trademark Bruichladdich freshness in it. Nicely strong peated whisky – shows its young age with a dull finish but manages to show some character in aromas and taste. When given time. Like a slowly starting diesel engine, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley shows you “Islay in a glass”, like Jim McEwan stated. Reminds me of movie called The Island, where Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson play clones in a good action adventure. This whisky is also a clone, of other fresh Laddies, and I mean it in a good way. Captures the true spirit of Islay island.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Sherry and Ex-Wine casks
Colour: Pale amber
Nose: Heavy peated smoke starts the show but smoke fades away rather quickly. Medicinal peat is the dominant force every time I return to an open bottle of this, smoke is just a glimpse. Grapefruits, hints of juniper and lots of gin feel. Hints of sugary barley and green fruits.
Taste: Heavy oak and burning coal. Very earthy and green, grassy and bit fruity with green fruits. Phenolic peat hits hard. Toffee and barley rise from the back.
Finish: Nicely oily with bitter peat and spices. Bit dry and grassy, with malty notes.
Balance: Young roughness is very much present but then again, when given time, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley really starts to give nice aromas and taste. There is some complexity but especially the finish is a bit one-sided. Still, at the end of the day, good peated dram. Vibrant and fresh as always from Bruichladdich distillery.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Scoring

Distillery: Bruichladdich Region: Islay Non-chill filtered, no added colour ABV: 50%

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley - heavily peated whisky from Islay

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Batch 15/204 recipe

Click the picture to see the full recipe by Bruichladdich

Recipe type:Batch No.Bottled:
Port Charlotte Scottish Barley15/2042015

Vatting of 67 casks, 3 vintages, 1 barley type and 9 cask types

No. casksVintageBarley originCask type
42007Scottish mainlandVirgin Oak Butt 2nd fill
12007Scottish mainlandFrance Rhone Red Hogshead 3rd fill
12007Scottish mainlandFrance Jurancon Sweet White Hogshead 2nd fill
12007Scottish mainlandFrance Bordeaux Pomerol Red Hogshead 2nd fill
12007Scottish mainlandFrance Banyuls VDN Red Hogshead 2nd fill
12007Scottish mainlandMadeira Hogshead 3rd fill
32006Scottish mainlandSpain Sherry Butt 2nd fill
282006Scottish mainlandUSA Bourbon Barrel 1st fill
182008Scottish mainlandUSA Bourbon Barrel 1st fill
92007Scottish mainlandFrance Rhone Red Hogshead 2nd fill

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