Ledaig 10 year old whisky
Ledaig 10 year old single malt review
October 20, 2020
Helsinki Whiskey 100% Rye Malt Release #17
Helsinki Whiskey 100% Rye Malt Release 17
October 23, 2020

Teerenpeli Distiller’s Choice Portwood Finish

Teerenpeli Distiller's Choice Portwood Finish for Tallink Silja

This special Distiller’s Choice was released for travel retail and exclusively for Tallink Silja ferries tax free shops by Finnish whisky maker, Teerenpeli distillery. Only 1176 bottles were released in 2014.

Teerenpeli DC Portwood Finish has no age statement. I believe it’s been resting in old bourbon casks before getting its finishing touch in port wine casks.

When this whisky was made, Teerenpeli had an annual capacity of over 40 000 liters at their small distillery at Restaurant Taivaanranta in Lahti. But in 2015 they quadrupled their capacity with new bigger distillery.

Teerenpeli Distiller's Choice Portwood Finish for Tallink Silja

Bottle no 0381/1176

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks(?), finished in Ex-Port casks
Colour: Red amber
ABV: 43%
Nose: Red wine and acid. Hints of red licorice. Bitter fruits and berries.
Taste: Sugary malt and fruits. Hints of nutmeg. Smooth vanilla.
Finish: Sugar, red fruits and licorice. Bit dry. Oak rises from the back.
Balance: Mix of almost overly sweet and bit spicy notes. Fruity wine and malt along with nice oak, in balance.


Distillery: Grill & Distillery Taivaanranta/Teerenpeli distillery Region: Lahti, Finland

Teerenpeli Portwood Finish package writing

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