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Teerenpeli Kulo 7 Year Old Review

International Wine & Spirits Competition Gold 2020

Kulo is a sherry cask matured 7 year old single malt from Finland by its first ever commercial single malt producer, Teerenpeli distillery.

This whisky has already made a name for itself, winning gold medal and whopping 98 points at International Wine & Spirit Competition 2020. Since then it also claimed bronze medals at IWSC 2021 and 2022.

”Cinder toffee on the nose with hints of cinnamon and hazelnut. Creamy spice to finish.”
– IWSC 2022 Judge team tasting notes

Teerenpeli Kulo also received first place price in Nordic whisky category at Finnish Uisge Festival 2020. Teerenpeli actually took triple victory with Kaski (my review is from 2014 version) ranking second and Savu ranking third place.

To continue listing Kulo’s success, it also won gold at Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2022 and 2023, in European Single Malt category.

Teerenpeli Kulo Single Malt Whisky Review

Amazing sherry touch

This one’s a beauty for sure. These are my first notes so most likely there’s a chance for even better experience.

At least what I’ve gathered from Teerenpeli Kulo’s track record in various whisky competitions. It’s interesting to revisit this dram after its oxidation now that I’ve opened the bottle.

Matured in:
Ex-Sherry casks
Non-chill filtered, no added colour
ABV: 50,7%
Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Intense aromas of ripe raisins start the show. Heavily sugared and slightly toasted oak turns into fruit salad. Rich with red/tropical fruits, caramel and figs. Drops of water brings out fresh notes of grapefruit, nutmeg and leather.
Taste: Bit nutty, unripe red and green fruits. Quite dry, oaky and one sided for a brief moment, but develops to a sweeter and fuller sherry whisky. Red citrus fruits combined with sweet sugars and hints of grapefruits. Addition of water suits very well, making things smoother. Giving away warming spices in velvet coating.
Finish: Starts with mellow dryness but aftertaste is much drier. Very sweet with oak and hints of spices. Dark chocolate stops the show. Drops of water brings lots of bitter notes, grapefruits and lots of oak.
Balance: Greatly sherried, bit too dry finish for my taste but amazing aromas and palate. Overall, high quality whisky.


Distillery: Teerenpeli distillery Region: Lahti, Finland
Did you know?
Teerenpeli restaurant distillery’s 40 0000 liter annual whisky capacity was quadrupled in late 2015 when they built a new distillery.

Teerenpeli Kulo 7 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Review

Cardboard package back label text of Kulo whisky

Sherry Cask Matured Teerenpeli Kulo 7 Year Old Whisky

Master Blender's Glass filled with Teerenpeli Kulo whisky

Kulo in Master Blender’s whisky glass

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