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May 31, 2015
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The Glenlivet 18 year old review

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Glenlivet 18 year old single malt whisky review by WhiskyRant!

I’ll continue with Glenlivet theme, so here’s a review of The Glenlivet 18 year old single malt. Which, after a great experience with the 12YO, was bit of a disappointment. The 18YO is surprisingly rough for its age, though it’s not the only reason for my reasonably humble scoring. Probably the strong feel of ripe fruits makes this prize winning dram not so suitable for me. And, that it feels flatter, than the 12YO.

The Glenlivet 18YO has won 2 golds at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, along with few other gold (and silver) medal awards from international competitions. So there is appreciation for this smooth, classic Speysider. Even though it left me cold. Well, over 80 points isn’t bad of course, but for an older dram like this, it should be closer to 90 points.

Strong and sweet, like STEEL MAGNOLIAS

This Glenlivet is a combo of several different cask types of American and European oak. Matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, in a mix of first and second-fill barrels. It is robust, yet smooth and sweet, with a floral edge. Like a strong female in the leading role – definitely the movie Steel Magnolias.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry casks (first and second-fill)
Colour: Sunlight
Nose: Like delicate fragrant. Too delicate for me though. Currants start the show with notes of sweet sherry (or even wine) and peat like hues. Floral notes follow in the background.
Taste: For a 18 year old Speyside whisky, this feels surprisingly strong in a sharp way. Dry oak and ripe fruits make it that way. Floral notes with a nice sherry feel. Even though too pointy for my taste, still the best part. The most characteristic part.
Finish: Lasts pretty long, but doesn’t offer anything special. Mix of sweet and bitter notes. Hints of oak and berries are the key factors. Nice length but bit one-sided.
Balance: Probably not in the best balance. Taste is pointy sharp. Nose being too flat. After all, The Glenlivet 18YO is an okay dram – I must point out, that even though I sound harsh, this is worth a tasting experience. My expectations were just higher than the final score.


Distillery: Glenlivet Region: Speyside ABV: 43%
Johannes Lindblom
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