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Tyrconnell 16 year old single malt review

Tyrconnell 16 Year Old Review

Tyrconnell 16 year old is an Irish single malt whiskey by Cooley distillery Cooley also produces brands like Kilbeggan, Greenore and Connemara.

This one’s a double distilled malt coming from Cooley’s unusually shaped copper pot stills. Those stills are small sized with a long neck. This way the shape gives its whisky and copper lots of contact, resulting in a refined and layered spirit.

Tyrconnell 16YO has been bottled at 46% alcohol by volume, after maturation in ex-American oak bourbon barrels. This whiskey has aged in a 200 year old granite warehouse.

Tyrconnell 16 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey Review

Fresh, tropical and vibrant

This single malt is vibrant. Reminds me of Colin Farrell’s character in the movie In Bruges. Which is a great movie by the way. Like this Tyrconnell is a great whiskey.

Each day I’m liking more and more of Irish whiskey. They just know how to produce good drams.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon barrels
ABV: 46%
Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Aromas are exotic and fresh! Vibrant with baking soda, vanilla and bananas. Hints of pineapple slowly rising from the background. Drops of water makes the pineapple notes very strong, adding also almonds to the mix.
Taste: It’s funny how it’s a bit watery, but tasty. Juicy green and red apples along with water melon. Nicely oily and smooth. Sweet, fruity and pleasant. Drops of water makes it even smoother and juicier.
Finish: Medium length, and bit of an disappointment after the super nose and great palate. Slightly dry and oily. Bitter oak doesn’t feel good but I’m glad that oils and tropical fruits leave a nice note.
Balance: Progressing from great aromas to good palate and quite good finish. So bit of downfall coming from the super fresh nose. Still, overall a great Irish single malt. Cooley distillery can be proud!


Distillery: Cooley Region: Cooley Peninsula in County Louth, Ireland Brand: Tyrconnell

16 year old Irish Single Malt Whiskey called Tyrconnell

Bottle card of Tyrconnell whiskey

Victory Against All Odds

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