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Islay Mist 12 year old blended whisky review

Islay Mist 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

I liked Islay Mist blended whisky so I was expecting this 12 year old Islay Mist blend to deliver a decent experience. To set the record straight, I’m not a fan of grain and malt whisky blends. And that is the category which Islay Mist brand represents.

Islay Mist 12YO probably has malt whisky from Laphroaig distillery like the standard version has. Similar kind of notes can be found in it. And this one’s probably been having a bourbon cask maturation.

Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky the 12 years old

Quality blend

The minute I tasted this, I realized that this is actually good. I’m surprised how tasty this is because even though blended whiskies tend to be smooth, they usually can be watery and bit pointy. But this is smooth and tasty.

MacDuff International manages to give yet another good Islay Mist experience. This time it’s even an upgrade from the Deluxe edition.

Jim Murray gave this blend 90 points in his Whisky Bible by the way. And Ralfy also likes it, you can find his video review from the bottom of this article.

ABV: 40%
Colour: E150 caramel
Nose: Peat with medicinal and coastal notes, such as iodine and salty sea air. Herbs and spices. One-sided but nice.
Taste: Very smooth, vanilla and honey with smooth dry peat. Little bit of citrus notes as well.
Finish: Fast like blended whiskies aftertastes usually are. But this one’s surprisingly tasty with wee spices, toffee and tea.
Balance: Not a rich one, but a tasty one. In blended whisky standards, this is a great one. This coming from a whisky enthusiast who is not a blends fan.


Bottler: MacDuff International

Islay Mist 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky Review

12 Year Old Blend by Islay Mist

Ralfy really likes Islay Mist 12 year old, giving it 91 points:

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