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Islay Mist Deluxe Blend review

Islay Mist

Islay Mist Deluxe Blended Whisky review

Believe it or not, the Islay Mist blended whisky has some history behind it – it was first launched in the 1920’s. Islay Mist Deluxe got its inspiration from a special blend made for the 21st birthday of the first Lord Margadale, Laird of Islay. This whisky has some peating level, because malt from Laphroaig distillery has been used in the making. There’s also some Speyside content in it, probably malt because the feel of grains is surprisingly small.


I was prepared to use The Mist as a natural reference for a harsh blended whisky with Islay influence. For my surprise, I have to use mellow TV drama to make it clear, what kind of whisky we are talking about here. The Mists of Avalon comes to mind while sipping this blended dram bottled by MacDuff International. Both are quite light most of the time, but occasionally a bit pointy.

And I’m not saying this is a bad blend, on the contrary, you should buy it if you’re on a budget and the store is out of Teacher’s. The price varies between 19 to 25 euros and that’s not bad nowadays, when whisky prices are constantly rising.

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Colour: Amber
Nose: Delicate but promising. Starts with coastal notes, salty air breeze and seafood. Wee grainy feel and Speyside sweetness. Creamy toffee and vanilla.
Taste: Very mellow – sweet and watery. Speyside shows mostly. Malt is surely more dominant than grains.
Finish: Sparks with sea salt, spices and medicinal notes. Bit sour. Even at this point, the grainy side doesn’t show very much – too bad the whisky is so delicate.
Balance: Not in great balance, but more on the malty side, which is nice. If it had more character, it would be better. Very delicate in every step.


Distillery: Contains malt from Laphroaig Region: Islay and Speyside Bottler: MacDuff International ABV: 40%


Ralfy included Islay Mist in his “Budget & Quality Whisky” post:

Islay Mist Deluxe Blend review

Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! A digital marketing professional by day – a whisky reviewer and informer by night.


  1. Zakhar says:

    Been drinking scotch malt whiskies for thirty years now and never really liked blends. I saw a bottle of Islay Mist Deluxe on a huge discount, 17 Euro’s for a litre and thought ok why not try this one as I read some favourable reviews about this dram. Well I must say that this is your more than decent alternative to drink when the budget is too tight for the real deal. Smooth and soothing with a hint of peat. Lacks some depth but hey for this price you can’t go wrong.

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