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Ballechin SFTC 13YO 2004 Port Matured – cask number 199

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Ballechin SFTC 13 year old comes from one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, Edradour distillery which was founded in 1825. SFTC means Straight From The Cask so this whisky is cask strength.

Ballechin whiskies are heavily peated Edradours, so this single malt is a smoky one, with 13 years of maturation in a Port cask. Distilled 15th of April 2004 and bottled 15th of January 2018. Only 396 bottles came out of this batch, from cask number 199.

I’ve tasted the Ruby Port cask matured whisky under Edradour name and it was delightful. Not that it was super good but it had a taste of strawberries, which is quite extraordinary for a whisky palate.

Top quality peated cask strength

Ballechin has a reputation of offering good quality peated whiskies. This cask strength small batch is no exception. Ballechin SFTC is very good. It has quality and it has a distinctive character.

If you bump into the brand of Ballechin – I recoomend you to have a taste. Especially this SFTC series, but any Ballechin is worth a sip!

Matured in:
Ex-Port casks
ABV: 53.3%
Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Smooth peat smoke with touch of cinnamon and lots of sugared cherry notes. Red juicy apples and hints of spices.
Taste: Oily and sweet. Smoke is there but in a sweet subtle way. Hints of bitter dark chocolate and roasted but smooth coffee make way for blood oranges and caramel.
Finish: Nicely oily with sweet port notes. Cherry and sweet red berries and some toasted oak. Some peat smoke as well. Superb finish!
Balance: Good whisky, very sweet port and peat smoke go nicely together. Like a cross-breed of Edradour port and typical Ballechin whisky. I hope that Edradour distillery keeps these beauties coming.

Ballechin Straight From The Cask Scoring

Distillery: Edradour Region: Highland
Ballechin 13 Year Old 2004 Port Matured SFTC - Straight From The Cask. Review of cask no. 199

Had a dram of Ballechin SFTC at Brewery Restaurant Bruuveri in Helsinki

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