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BenRiach 15 year old Single Cask Release 1998 review

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Like The Whisky Exchange puts it, “a slightly crazy entry” this BenRiach’s 10th single cask release – malt whisky triple distilled, unlike their regular double distilled spirit. It’s been matured for 15 years and finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon. 630 bottles has been released. Mine was only a sample in one of Turku’s best whisky bars, Kerttulin Kievari, so unfortunately I don’t know the cask number.

BenRiach 15 year old Single Cask Release 1998 review

BenRiach Single Cask Release 1998 was a good experience for me, managing to continue my string of good experiences with BenRiach. This distillery has become one of my favorites, proving their capability to produce good whisky with great variety. I used to think I liked them only because I had tasted their special bottlings but after a few tries of their core range, my mind hasn’t changed.

BUTTERSCOTCH AND SODA – full and refreshing

My movie reference isn’t anything special but it does capture the essence of this fine single cask release. Like Butterscotch and Soda, this BenRiach gives you sophisticated sherry in a creamy toffee and fruit mix. Sherry is delicate enough, so it suits for my taste.

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon casks, finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry
Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Little bit of sherry mixed with fruits and spices. There’s a nice burning effect on the background, offering a toasted malt experience. Plums and fudge on a toast.
Taste: Thick dram – creamy toffee along with some exotic fruits. Small drops of vanilla as well.
Finish: Sweet fruits start the finish, turning into a dry and spicy ending. Raisins and nutmeg are present.
Balance: Some complexity but at the end of the day, very easy to drink and more on the simple side. Well, probably a whole bottle would’ve given more scents and flavors over time. Nose is definitely the best part.


Distillery: BenRiach Region: Speyside ABV: 56.1% Non chill-filtered, no added colouring
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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