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Mansion House Blended Scotch review

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I really am amazed that I’m reviewing this cheap 3 year old blended whisky called Mansion House. Well, actually I do try to review even the worst of them all because even bad whisky is good. So, no way is this a good blend, but surprisingly decent for its kind. Mansion House brand is owned by Tilaknagar in India but the bottle says it’s scotch.

Mansion House Blended Scotch whisky review

Mansion House bottle is pretty cool with the small handle on the side.

According to their website, the malt comes from Scotland and the grains from India. Apparently there is a high amount of malt present. I believe it’s true, because this blend tastes decent. Still, far away from the good stuff but there’s a glimpse of that malt whisky showcasing itself.

Stingy, yet SOFT TOFFEE

In movie talk, I’ll call this one Soft Toffee – underneath the watery and stingy grain feel, there is some nice toffee notes. Briefly, but they are there. Mixed with a strong peated malt, this one started to resemble Highland Park. So there’s always a way in getting the ones, you don’t like so much, down your throat. Mix it with wee bit of something better and stronger.

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Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Robust, very “blendy”. Oak and hints of malt under the stingy alcohol.
Taste: Toffee does come intensely, though it’s kinda brief. Some sweetness and oak. Short but nice taste.
Finish: Taste disappears and watery blended feel takes over. Harsh and quick finish.
Balance: If only the other parts were closer to the taste, this blended whisky would be premium quality as the label says. Straight forward and one sided blend, surprisingly decent.


Owner: Tilaknagar Industries Ltd, Mumbai, India Region: Scottish malts mixed with Indian grains Brand: Mansion House ABV: 40%
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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