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March 25, 2017
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March 27, 2017

Böhme Finest Cream & Irish Whiskey

Cream Liquor and Irish Whiskey Chocolate

I have to make a quick post about this Irish whiskey cream liquor filled chocolate. Made by Böhme, these are delicious. The powerful Irish cream and whiskey flavor is delicious. The chocolate isn’t bad either, complimenting the filling.

If you are a whisky or liquor cream fan and bump into these, I recommend you to buy them. As they say it themselves:

The finest chocolates filled with an Irish whiskey cream liquor

I’ve reviewed whisky chocolate before. Last time it was Dammenberg’s chocolate made using Laphroaig 10YO. I have to admit, Böhme’s whisky chocolate tastes better and have a better whisky feel, than the Dammenbeg’s versions. Probably the cream liquor makes its mark in a positive way.

Here you can find my Dammenberg whisky chocolate reviews:

Irish Whiskey chocolate by Böhme

Irish Whiskey chocolate
Johannes Lindblom
Johannes Lindblom
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  1. Kayla says:

    Hi I got a box of Böhme finest cream and Irish whiskey for Christmas this year and I’m in love but I can’t seem to find them any where and my grandpa can’t remember where he got them from we are located in the USA if someone could help me find my new favorite candy I would greatly appreciate it thank you for your time and responds

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