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March 25, 2017
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What to look for when buying a whiskey carafe set

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When buying a whiskey carafe set, you’re probably asking many questions from yourself? Is it worth it to buy a whiskey carafe to store your dram? Is decanting whiskey even necessary? There’s lots of debate about decanting whiskey, so I decided to answer to some of those questions.

In a nutshell: there’s no reason for decanting whiskey, except that you might get your Scotch or bourbon in a nice looking glassware.

Whiskey carafe set - cheap ones and best ones

Typival whiskey carafe set

Buying a whiskey carafe set is still appropriate – if you are a whisky enthusiast who likes buying good looking stuff without so much reason, go for it! I have nothing against whiskey decanters, I like them. But to be clear on the subject, it doesn’t do any good to your whiskey. It doesn’t make it worse either, unless the whiskey carafe has flaws.

List of things to consider regarding whiskey carafe sets

I made an article about the best whiskey decanters. You should check it out to see the basics of decanting whiskey. I’ve also listed some unique or good looking whiskey carafe sets in there as well. The article gives you insight about the subject.

It gives you information on what to consider when buying a whiskey carafe set, and what matters when decanting whiskey in a carafe. It also gives you few options to buy a whiskey carafe set. Feel free to check it out and comment or share it. Click on the link above.

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