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Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine Review

Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine single malt whisky comes from the region of Islay, known for its famous smoky peated malt whiskies. Yet Bunnahabhain distillery is the one that’s most known for its non-peated whiskies.

This single malt has no age statement (NAS) and it was originally released for travel retail market as limited edition. A portion of this single malt was matured in Italian and French red wine casks. Another portion most likely in sherry casks since Bunnahabhain usually uses ex-sherry casks.

Bottled un-chill filtered with natural colour at 46,3% alcohol by volume level. That sounds good, although NAS whiskies for travel retail are always a gamble. Apparently this expression replaces Darach Ur.

Fear of low quality NAS whisky didn’t become reality

Eirigh Na Greine means “Morning Sky” in Gaelic, “like the morning sky this whisky glows amber gold” in your whisky glass. Released for travel retail market, no age statement and a Gaelic name. For whisky aficionados it usually means trouble as in low quality or unmatured whisky with a fancy marketing name and story.

But I’m glad to admit, Bunnahabhain didn’t claim those expectations. Fortunately they didn’t deliver the biggest fear of an whisky enthusiast which is low quality whisky from a top distillery.

Although there is room for improvement, this Bunnahabhain manages to be almost at the same level as their 12 year old single malt, which probably is the benchmark for most people.

Matured in:
Ex-Wine (and Ex-Sherry?) casks
Non-chill filtered, no added color
Colour: Golden amber
ABV: 46.3%
Nose: Starts with very sweet dessert wine notes. Nutty caramel and wee spices. Red fruits and bit of peat.
Taste: Salty fudge and sherry. Bit peaty with earthy spices. Nuts and herbs, covered in velvety red fruits.
Finish: Long oily, neatly spicy and fully sherried finish. Velvet coating fills your palate.
Balance: Thick and sweet. Nice character with full sherry notes and bit of spices. Nice job by Bunnahabhain.

Eirigh Na Greine Scoring

Distillery: Bunnahabhain Region: Islay

Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine Single Malt Whisky Review

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