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Glenturret 10 year old review

Glenturret, oldest distillery in Scotland
Whiskyrant review of Glenturret 10YO single malt

Glenturret is “the spiritual home” of The Famous Grouse brand, because it is the core malt in their whiskies. So it is Scotland’s most visited whisky distillery, because of the The Famous Grouse Experience, a 5 Star visitor experience. The distillery was officially established in 1775 but there’s been claims, that it was controlled by tax avoiding illicit distillers since 1717. Which makes Glenturret the oldest distillery in Scotland.

Oldest or not, they do make a good 10 year old single malt. This dram surprised me positively. Because in advance, while reading some statements about this whisky, the palate didn’t necessarily feel like my cup of tea. After I saw the review of Ralfy, I wanted to try it out. And I’m glad I did. I’m starting to think, that Ralfy and I have a very similar taste. Glenturret 10YO is not the most consistent of whiskies but it gives glimpses of greatness. And when it’s not gleaming, it still manages to be a good dram.

I’m not saying it’s THE HAPPENING – it’s much better

I couldn’t come up with any good movie reference so I’ll state this as the Mark Wahlberg whisky, in honor of one of the inconsistent actors of Hollywood. This whisky is nowhere near The Happening, because the movie was bad. But like the movie, this whisky has force from nature.

Nose: Malted barley hits first, then briefly some great salty licorice with big oak influence. Too bad the salty licorice (or salmiac, like we call it in Finland) is so brief, because it is a scent from heaven. It even feels like deeply smoked salmiac (like in the taste of Highland Park 18YO). Earthly notes and malt with fruits.

Taste: Thick, sweet and fruity but clearly not as good as the nose. Citrus is the main note, some earthly notes as well. Water adds spices.

Finish: Dry and sweet. Oak with herbal feel, grassy. Lasts long, lifting the whisky to another level after the taste. Lemon peel rises from the aftertaste.

Balance: Very promising nose combined with a cutback in taste and a resurrection in finish. Not the most consistent but still a fine single malt from Glenturret.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: 24  |  Taste: 20  |  Finish: 22  |  Balance: 21
Overall score: 87

Distillery: Glenturret
Region: Highland
ABV: 40%

Ralfy seems to like Glenturret 10 year old:

Johannes Lindblom
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