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High Coast Dálvve Sherry Influence Whisky review

High Coast Dálvve is a single malt whisky from Sweden. It comes from Box Destilleri (distillery in Swedish) and the brand was formerly known as Box whisky. In order to prevent any confusion with Compass Box they renamed the brand as High Coast. The name comes from Höga Kasten (High Coast in Swedish) area, a World Heritage Site in which the distillery is located.

Box Destilleri is situated on the banks of the Angerman River in Adalen, Northern Sweden. It’s amongst the most northerly in the world. The site was formerly known as Box Power Station, providing electricity to the largest timber floating station in the world. After the electricity factory was closed during 1980’s, artist Mats De Vahl bought it in 1991 and started to use it as an art gallery.

When Mats visited Scotland with his brother Per many years later, they decided to start plannings of their own whisky distillery. Finally in December 2010, Box distillery came to life, nowadays known as High Coast whisky.

Dálvve Signature Malt matured in bourbon casks was their first on-going expression and this Sherry Influence expression has been matured in combination of sherry and bourbon casks. Dálvve Sherry Influence was the first High Coast whisky to be sold in the United States. Dálvve means winter in southern Sami language. Standing on the 63rd latitude, their winters can be long and brutal.

High Coast describes their recipes very thoroughly:

45,83% has matured in Bourbon barrels:

  • 21 barrels, 45.83% unpeated whisky from 200 liter 1st fill Bourbon barrrel (Quercus Alba), delivered empty direct from Kentucky.

54,17% has matured in sherry casks:

  • 11 casks, 30.25% unpeated whisky from 250 liter 1st fill Oloroso casks.
  • 9 casks, 11.65% peated whisky from 130 liter 1st fill Oloroso casks.
  • 8 casks, 10.31% unpeated whisky from 130 liter 1st fill Oloroso casks.
  • 1 cask, 1.96% peated whisky from 250 liter 1st fill Oloroso cask.
  • 130 liter Sherry casks are constructed by Thorslundkagge from larger sherry casks.
  • 250 liter cask are refurbished in Spain from old sherry casks.

13,61% is made up from peated spirit and the whisky contains no artificial colouring and is non chill filtered.

High Coast Dalvve Single Malt Whisky from Box Distillery Sweden

Tasting notes

Matured in:
Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry casks
ABV: 48%
Colour: Deep amber
Non-chill filtered, no added colour
Nose: Starts with floral aromas. Marzipan strikes in strongly. Lingonberry notes rise from the back.
Taste: Delicate, yet peppery. Notes of wine gums (fruity candy). Lingonberry is also present on the palate.
Finish: Little bit of oil, nicely sherried. Slightly peppery.
Balance: Easy to drink. Light yet full. Oxidation doesn’t do good, makes it bitter. Dry paint taste comes when you let it breathe for a while.

Dalvve Scoring

Region: Sörviken, Sweden Distillery: Box Destilleri
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