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Ice ball machine for making big spheres – cools fast and dilutes slow

The Macallan Ice Ball Maker

Cirrus and Macallan ice ball machine sets are perfect for sculpting well rounded and large ice spheres for your drink. You have probably read about the Japanese ice ball sculpting skills. I recently made an article about usage of ice with whisky, you can read the backstory about Japanese culture and ice, and the art of ice ball making. Japanese bartenders are famous for creating perfectly rounded ice spheres for whisky drinks or other cocktails. Sculpting an ice ball is no easy task – fortunately nowadays there are ice ball machines for the task. Cirrus and Macallan are the most known ones, but there are other manufacturers on the market as well.

Cirrus ice ball machine makes it easy

Cirrus has the best known ice ball machine on the market. Cirrus ice ball machine is also quite valuable, but not as expensive as the Macallan. But if the Cirrus is also too much for your budget, you can check out other similar products from Amazon as well. Their catalog is quite big for this subject. Of course you can’t be sure about the quality of the cheaper products but you can make the decision yourself. Check out the lowest prices for ice ball machines from here:

Lowest prices at Amazon US

Introduction of the Cirrus ice ball machine:

You can order Cirrus ice ball machine set from Amazon as well. The ice ball machine set usually includes:

  • Large 2.75” press or a 2” press
  • The large ice ball press machine makes 6 oz. ice balls which last through multiple drinks
  • The smaller 2” press makes 2.34 oz. ice balls
  • Actuator for helping to lift out the ice
  • Die-cut foam carrying case
  • Three cups
  • Drip tray and tongs for picking the ice ball
  • Cigar ashtray made out of copper, suitable for six cigars. Or a elegant jigger tool with dual-pour spouts

Macallan ice ball machine

The Macallan ice ball machine is probably the one you’re most familiar with. If you are a whisky drinker at least. Macallan’s machine is also quite valuable. That’s why you should look into the cheaper versions from Amazon. Cirrus offers just as luxurious product, and there are even cheaper replicas on the market as well.

Intro of the Macallan ice ball machine:

Ice ball machine by Cirrus | Buy one online and make your ice round

Cirrus ice ball pressing machine

Why make big ice balls for alcoholic drinks?

Many people wonder why go through the big task of sculpting an ice ball. Well, if you didn’t read my article about the Japanese culture and their attitude towards ice, no problem. Let me explain it to you quickly. In Japan, ice is a symbol of status because long way back in time, it was hard to get. Only emperor and people with great wealth were able to get ice to their drinks. Status is not the only thing making people want some big ass ice blocks in their drinking glasses.

A big rounded ice helps folks to enjoy the drink more easily. When the ice block is big and round, the drink will not dilute fast, yet it will cool fast. Much faster than with small sized ice. So the ice ball machine is not a useless household weed. There is also wisdom behind the art of Japanese ice ball sculpting.

While the ice ball machine might be a very valuable luxury household item, you can buy it with a small budget too. Just make a decision, do you want Cirrus or some other high quality ice ball machine, or can you settle with something cheaper?

Check out the lowest prices from Amazon US:

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