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Dalwhinnie 15 year old review
September 5, 2014
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September 8, 2014

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 year old review

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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 year old blended malt whisky review

Green Label is a discontinued 15 year old blended malt by Johnnie Walker. In my opinion, the only nice whisky from them. “Drawn from the four corners of Scotland”— Talisker, Linkwood, Cragganmore and Caol Ila were being used in the Green Label. Each of the malts matured for minimum 15 years.

THE GREEN HORNET of whisky – why did they discontinue this classic?

Ralfy states: “arrives like a blend but develops like a malt”. I agree. It has the both elements and fortunately the malt makes a good impact. Offering nice depth from the four different distilleries. This whisky definitely is like The Green Hornet movie – it needs a remake.

Colour: Amber
Nose: Toffee dominates with dark coffee and hints of smoke. Then comes the dry oak and nice sweet vanilla. Water adds cereal notes.
Taste: Dark chocolate, spices and hints of fruity notes. Crispy malt, nuts and oak. Water adds smooth sweetness and some bitterness as well.
Finish: Long and simple: spices with hints of dry oak.
Balance: Good blended malt with great nose. Versatile dram that manages to utilize all the different malts it has. The diversity of all the different distilleries really comes across nicely.


Distillery: Malts from Talisker, Linkwood, Cragganmore, and Caol Ila Brand: Johnnie Walker ABV: 43%

Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible 2010, gave 95 points and Ralfy scores 89. Check out Ralfy’s thoughts below:

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